Monday Night Raw Is Better Than SmackDown!

Monday Night Raw

This article tries to explain and convince you why Monday Night Raw is a better brand extension program than Friday Night Smackdown. Even though both are famous programs, each one has its own strength and weakness. We will try to see the major differences and point out big highlights one against the other. The comparison will include basic facts about the programs like how it started,how it is now, up to big superstars that played for each program and big fights and rivalries that colored the whole duration up to the present. So choose which program you want but for me, Monday Night Raw rocks!

Smackdown VS Raw: 13 Best Moves To Win The Fight

Smackdown vs Raw

This article describes 13 of the best moves you need to master for you to win over that nosy friend of yours in your Smackdown vs Raw game matches. Knowing your game console will be the first step in this journey. Then you should know which WWE superstar would you like to use. Some may be a piece of cake but others will have to be unlocked before it can be used. Understanding your character is also vital for you to make it look like the real match as well.From the basic to the more complicated, its always best to practice the moves many times. So game on!

Smackdown’s 15 Greatest Wrestlers


This article showcases 15 of the greatest wrestlers that came, played and conquered the World Wrestling Entertainment from its launching until today. This list contains a mixture of the WWE veterans, almost retirees and the new breed of rising superstars. Some may already be legends in their own right while others are legends in the making, but all of them are deserving of their position in our list. They are great not only of the talent and potential they have shown but also of the great following that they have from their fans around the world. And if you are one of them, better read on and know more.

7 Best and Worst Undertaker WWE fights


This article highlights seven of the best as well as seven of the worst WWE battles the Undertaker ever had in his almost 20 years of wrestling career. Some may not be that famous or even will not make it into your own list but they qualify for our classification and that’s why they are found in our list. From his very memorable debut match to his very first WWE championship. We also have some of his most unforgettable feuds that delivered very exciting matches but of course we also have the opposite of that. Such games would really make his fans wishing these memories be buried.

Royal Rumble 2013: 20 Moments You Missed!

Royal Rumble 2013

This article showcases 20 of the most memorable events that highlighted the Royal Rumble 2013. We know there is more than 20 of such memorable moments but we have chosen which we think was indeed memorable. From heated fights, to harsh exchange of words, and even unexpected backstage action. And not to mention the very exciting surprises that we did not really see coming. This event was one pay-per-view that you should have not missed. But if you did, then worry no more because we have what you need and all you have to do is sit back, relax and read your heart out.